Dear Dragon Masters,

It’s time to discover the lineup of new, exciting events that July has in store for us! 📆

If you are looking for some epic adventures, this month certainly won’t disappoint!

29 Jun - 6 Jul: Fireworks (Grid)
New Dragons: Uniting Dragon, Spectacle Dragon, Aegis Dragon

30 Jun - 5 Jul: July 4th (Progressive)
New Dragon: Homeland Dragon

6 Jul - 9 Jul: Nyx’s Tower Island
New Dragon: Raven Dragon Orbs

9 Jul - 20 Jul: Dusk vs Dawn Island (Maze)
New Dragons: Hope & Despair Dragon, Glimmer Dragon, Nightshade Dragon

10 Jul - 15 Jul: Dusk vs Dawn Island (Puzzle)
New Dragons: Golden Light Dragon, Light Ray Dragon

15 Jul - 19 Jul: Dusk vs Dawn Island (Runner)
New Dragon: Obscure Darkness Dragon

20 Jul - 23 Jul: Jungle Spirit Island (Grid)
New Dragon: Jungle Spirit Dragon

23 Jul - 3 Aug: Cataclysm Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Tectonic Dragon

25 Jul - 29 Jul: Cataclysm Maze Island
New Dragon: Deluge Dragon

29 Jul - 1 Aug: Cataclysm Tower Island
New Dragon: Cosmic Detonation Dragon

Have fun and enjoy your summer! 🌅