Hello everyone and welcome to my 80th analysis, this time featuring Hirondeleor.
Hirondeleor has very nicely placed stats and access to some high amounts of damage. He also has Self moves to counter Possession which is not uncommon among Dark types, plus the Hardened trait can dodge status at crucial times, and he can give himself immunity to Freeze. However, Hirondeleor doesn't have any forms of denying.

-Piranha Shoal
-Adductor Mandibulae
-Deep Cold Waters
-Shadows In The Shore/Warm River Flow
Runes: 2 Speed 1 Strength

Piranha Shoal is unresisted Base 40 AOE with Bleed which is great for an attacker. Adductor Mandibulae crushes any target and applies Bleed should they live. Deep Cold Waters not only boosts his damage, but it also gives Freeze immunity to himself. Lastly, Shadows In The Shore is a second, more powerful AOE than Piranha Shoal but is not unresisted, or Warm River Flow can be used to decide between DCW and WRF depending on the situation: in other words, to have more flexibility. 2 Speed 1 Strength puts his good Speed tier to use and outspeeds most attackers.

Teammates: Hirondeleor could be a good choice to use in Water wars if you get the proper rulings thanks to his Freeze immunity move. In fact, Hirondeleor can easily fit into any team as its attacker thanks to his flexibility.

Countering Hirondeleor: Faster attackers with 2 Speed 1 Strength, such as Captain Copperbeard or Mercurius can outspeed Hirondeleor and deal massive damage-or outright KO-with their powerful moves. Removing positive effects renders his Freeze immunity and damage boost useless. You can also deny Hirondeleor since he doesn't initially have any immunities, but Hardened may give you trouble.

EDIT: At first I thought DCW's Freeze immunity was to his team. He at least deserved that part as the last reward of an event lol