Dear Dragon Masters,

We are always looking for new ways to make Dragon City a better experience for our players. We are therefore happy to announce some upcoming improvements to the Empower feature! In the coming months, Empowered dragons will become bigger and better than ever. Keep your eyes peeled for the in-game news to find out more about how Empowered dragons will bring even more power and variety to your collection!I

More information coming real soon!

Your Dragon City Team


Dear Dragon Masters,

Today is the time to take a look at the first few tweaks to the Empower feature:

All levels of Empowerment (1 to 5) will now give dragons an even bigger boost to their combat stats!

For example, 5-star Empowered dragons will receive boosts as follows:
Common: from 33.3% to 60%
Rare: from 39% to 60%
Very Rare: no changes implemented
Epic: from 71.4% to 85%
Legendary: no changes implemented
Heroic: from 100% to 125%

The dragon feed-screen has been updated to better communicate how to power up your dragons through Empowering, leveling up, Ranking Up, and Skill training;

You now have direct access to the Training Center and can better visualize info on each attack and skill!

Remember, Empowering your Dragons is key! It releases a mystical dragon essence found in dragon Orbs, which veils your dragon in immense power.
Don’t forget, you can find more information about this feature in our FAQ: