Something cataclysmic is shaking up Dragon City… Three new event Islands are appearing! Are you ready to fight against the odds to keep your Dragons safe and recruit new, powerful ones to join your team? 🌋

Let’s check out the dates for these three Islands that make up the Cataclysm Event:

23 Jul - 3 Aug: Cataclysm Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Tectonic Dragon

25 Jul - 29 Jul: Cataclysm Maze Island
New Dragon: Deluge Dragon

29 Jul - 1 Aug: Cataclysm Tower Island
New Dragon: Cosmic Detonation Dragon

What is so special about this Event?
The dragons you can obtain from the Cataclysm Islands will have double Elements, meaning you have more chances to obtain a Dragon with that specific element in your breedings!

Wait, there’s more? Yes! They will also have new Skills: x3 or x4 Multi-hit!

You also have a cool, new Collection to complete during this Event!
Find Double Runes to obtain rewards, such as: Gems, Food, Orbs of double-element dragons or even better, Flame or Sea Talismans!

Piece together both a Sea Talisman and a Flame Talisman to obtain the full Talisman. The full Talisman, together with the High Tectonic Dragon (once obtained from the Cataclysm Heroic Race), will unlock a special x5 Multi-hit Skill for this dragon!

Please notice, the x5 Multi-hit attack for the Heroic Dragon will be unlocked on August 3rd (that is at the same time you will receive the new High Tectonic Dragon)