I really only need to buy one more island (i already bought one yesterday, it’s no priority) and I guess upgrade my breeding structures? So there’s not too much pressure to save up gems anymore. I saw the 100 gem titan box and said “lol why not”
I got my favorite titan! And she’s super cute too, good thing the feeding discount is today, time to train her!
I feel a strong urge to buy another box soon... not with real money, I’m not a P2Per because I’m too broke for that.
Yall got some lucky pulls from paid boxes? I got an antimatter from the birthday box a few months back, but that’s not terribly impressive. It was certainly helpful though, got me into master 2 arenas.
alt text
I forgot what was in the seism fae chests and got a VERY friendly reminder.
Edit 2: decided if I got the gems by chance, no fault in losing them by chance. One black chest later...
Money well spent.
Edit 3:
From the black chest on the dark titan’s path. So far, that’s 3 times in a row I’ve earned a heroic/titan from a chest. Not 3 times ever. IN A ROW. That’s a 1 in 1000 chance. I also got a skullface from a dark chest.
Lick this post for luck...