My idea is a skin store, where skins could be sold at various prices (like the orb store).
This would be more or less:

Common: 15,000 gold
Rare: 25,000 gold
Very rare: 30,000 gold (although some skins can also cost between 1 and 5 gems)
Epic: 3 gems (although it can also cost 35,000 gold or 50,000)
Legendary: 20 to 30 gems (some can give skins to 20 and these would only be event)
Heroic: of course this would not change, these skins could only be won in races and in very few occasions as events that could cost real money like $ 500 MXN
That would be my basic idea, it is not quite perfect I know but it would be a good idea, you could also buy some skins with real money which would be
Epic: $ 200 to $ 300 MXN
Legendary: $ 300 to $ 400 MXN. So tell me do you think it's a good idea?

In fact I have already voted on this topic in a community and 76% of people liked the idea, just look at the of this community, they should use the would surely attract more people

Edit: Link removed as per forum rules.