Births are very rare in the Underworld as it’s more a final destination than a home, but when there are magical elements involved, anything is possible. When the Distant Star exploded, the Stardust it produced filled every corner of the Monster Legends universe and opened thousands of portals. In some areas, the amount of Stardust that fell from the sky was such that it leaked into the Earth and started dripping through its cracks into the Underworld.

That Underworld Stardust rain had many consequences, one of them being the birth of a creature with Cosmic powers and native Hell wickedness, Heiss. Because of his extraordinary creation, Heiss is idolized like a hero or a deity, but his personality isn’t heroic or solemn, he’s nothing but a child of chaos — pure evil!


Heiss is a Fire Uncontrollable Attacker. He can increase his damage output by making them Vulnerable, applying Fire Weakness to them, or removing their Shields. Heiss has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Immune to Freeze, at rank 1, he becomes Immune to Stun and at rank 3, he gains Immunity to Control.
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