Dear Dragon Masters,

A new month means a new list full of events, and we hope you’re thrilled about it! At the end of this month, during our two Community Fest events, you’ll finally be able to discover how the 3 Winning Designs of our Design a Dragon Challenge 2 were transformed into Dragon City Dragons by the skilled hands of our Artists!

Let’s get right into the full lineup of events! 🍒 🍉

23 Jul - 3 Aug: Cataclysm Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Tectonic Dragon

29 Jul - 1 Aug: Cataclysm Tower Island
New Dragon: Cosmic Detonation Dragon

3 Aug - 6 Aug: Full Moon Island (Fog)
New Dragon: Lady Luna Dragon

6 Aug - 17 Aug: Master Wind Maze
New Dragons: Wind Titan Dragon, West Wind Dragon, Wind Fairy Dragon, East Wind Dragon

7 Aug - 12 Aug: Master Wind Puzzle
New Dragons: Galestorm Dragon, South Wind Dragon

12 Aug - 16 Aug: Master Wind Runner
New Dragon: North Wind Dragon

17 Aug - 20 Aug: Arctic Tundra (Treasure Hunter Tower)
New Dragon: Absolute Zero Dragon

20 Aug - 27 Aug: Volcanic Plains (Treasure Hunter Grid)
New Dragon: Fools Treasure Dragon, Pyroclastic Dragon, Magmatricity Dragon

21 Aug - 26 Aug: Abyssal Trench (Treasure Hunter Puzzle)
New Dragon: Trench Dragon

27 Aug - 7 Sep: Community Fest Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Earthen Dragon

29 Aug - 2 Sep: Community Fest (Maze)
New Dragons: Tierna Connaught Dragon

Have fun and enjoy your August! 🌾