In outer space, the rain of Stardust was actually a storm — a massive, chaotic storm which caught Captain Copperbeard and his crew in the middle of a voyage and made him lose control of the Curse of the Cosmos. The pirate spaceship started spinning around and, for some minutes, it was impossible to know where everyone was. And then… it passed. The Captain checked on the crew and everyone was safe and sound… everyone except his beloved parrot, Blackfeather, who had gone missing! They searched for him everywhere but couldn’t find him. Captain Copperbeard was devastated. Blackfeather had been by his side for the longest time and now he had vanished.

So where was Blackfeather? He had been caught and devoured in the middle of a Stardust whirlwind. That was the end of the parrot as everyone knew him, but it was also the birth of a new Blackfeather, a Cosmic Spirit who can now join the crew of the Curse of the Cosmos as a flagship member! That is, if he can find his way back to the spaceship...


Blackfeather is a Magic Control monster who can apply single-target and area Possessions, Curse, and Total Blind. Pro tip: He'll work like a charm with Hardy and his Anticipation skills! Blackfeather has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he's Immune to Immediate Death and, at rank 3, he gives himself Immunity to Possession at the start of the battle.


New mechanics with Tales
One of the changes the new Eras bring is the new token system for the Tales. Don't worry, we've made things simpler. Instead of getting 5 different tokens, now all you need are Compasses. They look like this:


You'll need 25 of these tokens to access the Tales Challenge, just like before, but only one type of token.

Where to find them:

  • Token Dungeons: 31-7-2020 to 11-8-2020
  • Time-limited challenges: 31-7-2020 to 10-8-2020
  • Monsterwood Happy Hours: 31-7 to 7-8-2020

You can combine them as you wish to reach the goal. If you have a surplus of tokens, you’ll be able to spend them in the Chest Shop.

The Blackfeather’s Tales Challenge will start on the 7th of August and will be available until the 11th of August.