What may feel like a slight breeze at first will suddenly become a powerful force of strong winds that only top Dragon Masters, like you, will be able to master! 🌬

Three new events will be keeping us all busy until August 17th, so make sure you're prepared to face this new, very windy challenge! πŸŒͺ

6 Aug - 17 Aug: Master Wind Maze
New Dragons: West Wind Dragon, Wind Fairy Dragon, East Wind Dragon

7 Aug - 12 Aug: Master Wind Puzzle
New Dragons: Galestorm Dragon, South Wind Dragon

12 Aug - 16 Aug: Master Wind Runner
New Dragon: North Wind Dragon

During the three Master Wind events, make sure to collect the following 4 dragons: East Wind Dragon, West Wind Dragon, South Wind Dragon, and North Wind Dragon.
Collecting all 4 of them, together with the Wind Titan Helmet, will grant you the Master of all Wind dragons, the mighty Wind Titan Dragon!

Wondering where to find a Titan Helmet?
You will see Light-breeze and Gale-force Chests scattered around all 3 event Islands! Inside those Chests, you can find Wind Shards!

Collect x100 Wind Shards to obtain the Titan Helmet.

And that’s not all...
If you collect x250 Wind Shards, you will also receive the 320 Orbs of the Wind Titan Dragon, allowing you to Empower it to 2 Stars!

Dragon Masters, you should now be ready to commence your battle against the winds! 🌬

Have fun, and make sure your smaller dragons don't get caught in an updraft πŸ˜‰