Greetings Monster Masters!

As you all know, the new Eras brought with them a new Player vs. Player mode, and from what we could see, you all loved it as much as we do. However, there are some adjustments to be made to make sure this is the best experience for all.

We were listening to your feedback and we could see some players were not happy with our Matchmaking system. Players of different skills with monsters of different levels ended up in the same league and that made it super easy for some, and super hard for others. This is caused by the Skill distribution in our previous system, but we are actively looking for the best way to solve it. We want our multiplayer to be a fair and engaging feature, and to make sure we get it right, you can expect some changes in trophy acquisition rates and overall balancing.

We want it to be dynamic and we want to keep you on your toes, always providing a challenge, but a reasonable challenge. We will be changing some elements here and there to find the perfect balance, so expect some iterations every now and then. For starters, to ensure no players are stuck in one league (as it happened before), we will be doing a slight reset of trophies for each of the leagues at the start of each tournament.

But don’t worry, your skills will allow you to climb the ranks easily. It’s time to fight some monsters! 🌟