Lore and Backstory

Hayman was tired of being a slave to his much superior King, Lord Pumpseed. Hayman had had enough and secretly snuck his way into Pumpseed’s castle and into his treasure room. He quietly opened the doors and saw a horde of Mythic Amber and Stardust. Through Pumpseed’s reign and conquest, he stole his enemies’ treasure after defeating them. Though Pumpseed didn’t have a use for it because he wasn’t affected by Stardust.
Hayman then heard Pumpseed’s guards on their way to the treasure room, and Hayman made his decision. He used the Mythic Amber and Stardust and became more powerful than Pumpseed could ever dream to be. He defeated the guards and was ready and on his way to dethrone the Lord Pumpseed himself. Hayman walked up the loyal steps of Pumpseed’s castle and demanded to take the throne.
“Hayman, is that you?”, Said Lord Pumpseed with widened and surprised eyes. But Hayman denied his relation to Hayman and said:
“I am not Hayman. I am a new monster now. I am Haywire.”
And with that, Haywire threw Pumpseed off the throne and claimed the castle as his own before kicking out the old Lord.

Haywire is a super-strong Dark Cosmic control monster with support and high-damaging attack skills. He can apply Positive Effects Protection and Immunity to Possession and Corruption to all of his allies after removing Negative Effects. He also has access to two Torture skills, Bleed and Nightmares, and also access to a new control skill called Mind Control. Unlike Possession and Corruption, applying Mind Control to one of the enemy monsters will allow you to pick a move from the enemy monster’s move pool and attack whatever allied monster the Mind Controlled monster has.
Haywire has an extremely versatile skill set that allows him to control the battle and turn the tides. At Rank 0, Haywire has Immunity to Daze, not too good, but get him to Rank 1, and Haywire will gain the Abomination Trait, providing Immunity to two Torture effects and Control effects. Get him to Rank 3, and get Immunity to two more Torture effects: Burn and Ignite! Haywire is the ultimate counter to Pumpseed. You want him on your side.

  • Element: Dark
  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Books: Spirits, Undead, Evil Legions, Cosmic, Limited Time Books
  • Relics: Staff, Essence
  • R0 Trait: Immunity to Daze

  • R1 Trait: Abomination

  • R3 Trait: Immunity to Burn and Ignite

Stats: (Level 100)

  • LIFE: 80,000
  • STRENGTH: 8,000
  • SPEED: 6,000
  • STAMINA: 180

Basic Attacks

On The Cobob
Deals moderate Physical damage to one enemy. Applies Daze to one enemy.

  • Damage: 30
  • Accuracy: 100
  • Element: Physical
  • Cooldown: 0
  • Stamina-Cost: 22

Let The Bedbugs Feast
Deals low Dark damage to all enemies.

  • Dmg: 20
  • Acc: 100
  • Ele: Light
  • CD: 0
  • SC: 22

Tier 1

Serial Killer
Deals heavy heavy Special damage to one enemy. Applies Bleed and Nightmares to one enemy. Requires Cooldown.

  • Dmg: 50
  • Acc: 100
  • Ele: Special
  • CD: 1
  • SC: 50

Deals moderate Dark damage to one enemy. Applies Mind Control to one enemy. Requires Cooldown.

  • Dmg: 40
  • Acc: 100
  • Ele: Dark
  • CD: 1
  • SC: 0

Tier 2

Don’t Fear Pumpseed
Removes all Negative Effects from all allies. Applies Positive Effect Protection to one ally and Immunity to Corruption and Possession to all allies.

  • Dmg: 0
  • Acc: 100
  • Ele: Dark
  • CD: 3
  • SC: 80

Tremendous Grain Drain
Deals heavy Dark damage to one enemy. Applies Half Stamina and Stamina Leak to one enemy. Requires Cooldown.

  • Dmg: 50
  • Acc: 100
  • Ele: Dark
  • CD: 2
  • SC: 33

Tier 3

Haywire’s Absorption
Deals very heavy Dark damage to one enemy. Gains as much life as damage dealt.

  • Dmg: 55
  • Acc: 100
  • Ele: Light
  • CD: 3
  • SC: 44

Removes Positive Effects from one enemy. Applies Mind Control to all enemies. Requires Cooldown.

  • Dmg: 0
  • Acc: 100
  • Ele: Dark
  • CD: 3
  • SC: 66

Abominations Of The Corn
Removes Positive Effects from all enemies. Deals very heavy damage to all enemies. All allies gain as much health as damage dealt.

  • Dmg: 55
  • Acc: 120
  • ** Ele:** Dark

This is probably the stupidest idea I've ever done but tell me what you think. P.S. I'm not drawing any more pictures because they were cringy.