• Role and elements:
    Nature control monster with possession and support skills

  • Relics:
    Amulet - banner

  • Condition to obtain:
    Legend pass pack ( golden legends pass + 40 nodes + exclusive monsters )

*Book :
dragon - female - adventurers - underworlds

  • Skills:

-basic :

● [Powder of Weakness] = Deal heavy nature damage to an enemy
(Stamina: 22 - Cooldown: 0)

● [Shaman's Snake] = deals low nature damage to all enemies
(Stamina: 22 - Cooldown: 0)

  • tier 1:

● [Grass] = remove all negative status effects and apply life regeneration to all allies
(Stamina: 29 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Mushroom] = deal heavy nature damage to one enemy, apply poison to all enemies
(Stamina: 30 - Cooldown: 1)

  • tier 2:

● [Kolanta Plant] = apply double damage and remove all negative status effects from an ally
(Stamina: 45 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Natural Hypno] = Deal moderate magic damage to an enemy, Apply possesion to an enemy
(Stamina: 45 - Cooldown: 1)

  • tier 3:

● [Multi-control Grass] = applies possession to all enemies (Stamina: 59 - recharge: 3)

● [Sunflower Powder] = applies possession immunity to all allies
(Stamina: 60 - recharge: 2)

-Special :

● [Mega-hypno] = disable trait and remove all positive statut effects from all enemies, apply mega possesion to all enemies

-Rank 0: immunity against curse
-Rank 1: + Tough
-Rank 3: + SC = Area control immunity

  • Description:
    Seinkal lives in hell, she is a shaman, but she is not like the others and seeks the solution to get out of there, luckily she came out of hell to travel the world, to know the plants to use them as the object of defense. Barbatos gave Inherator an order to find Seinkal and take her home, but they failed to find her, she left for new life.

Seinkal is a nature control monster with possession and support skills, she can possess her enemies, or make her allies immune to possesion, she can also remove negative effects to her allies, Seinkal have a evolving trait : at rank 0, it is immune to the curse, at rank 1, she tough, it gives its allies a status casters at rank 3, immunity against all control effects at the start of combat.