How’s your August going, Dragon Masters?

What if we told you we have a Treasure Hunt waiting for you that will keep you busy for a little more than a week? 🗺

Excited? Then discover all the details below!

The Treasure Hunt comes in three parts:

17 Aug - 20 Aug: Arctic Tundra (Treasure Hunter Tower)
New Dragon: Absolute Zero Dragon

20 Aug - 27 Aug: Volcanic Plains (Treasure Hunter Grid)
New Dragon: Fools Treasure Dragon, Pyroclastic Dragon, Magmatricity Dragon

21 Aug - 26 Aug: Abyssal Trench (Treasure Hunter Puzzle)
New Dragon: Trench Dragon

Three Islands, meaning three great treasures to discover!
Three treasures that belong to three powerful, frightening dragons!


As you can see, each Island is home to a Legendary dragon, protecting their special Chests - Arctic Chest, Volcanic Chest, and Abyssal Chest. These Chests will be spread across the 3 Islands.

For each Chest you open, you can obtain amazing treasures (such as different amounts of Gems or Food), and some of them may also include a piece of the Treasure Map!

Your objective is to assemble the 3 pieces of the Map: for each full Treasure Map that you assemble, you will obtain 120 Orbs of a Heroic or a Titan Dragon!

Get your supplies ready and enjoy your Treasure Hunt! 😎