They may be Forsaken, but for sure they’re not forgotten. We know they’re some of your favorite monsters and, of course, we had to bring them back. They are not only incredibly complete allies on the battlefield, they’re also some of the most exclusive creatures in the game. You requested a new opportunity to get them, and here it is!

Our new Forsaken Days are the perfect occasion to add any of these incredible monsters to your teams. How can you get your hands on them? There are multiple ways:

  • Forsaken Cells offer: they will pop up as you open the game. You can also look for them in the icon bar on the right side of the screen.
  • Forsaken Chests: full of Forsaken Eggs. You can purchase them with Forsaken Souls or Gems.

Just remember that, since these are special creatures, you’ll need 100 Cells of the specific monster you want to craft its egg. That’s the only combination that will make you obtain the desired Forsaken.

You thought we were done with the good news? Not at all! Starting on Friday 14th of August, you'll be able to have more than one copy of any specific Forsaken monster on your map. However, starting next week, you'll still need to stick to one copy per team on Multiplayer Mode and Team Wars.

The event only lasts for 4 days starting on 08-14-2020, so make sure you get them before it’s too late! ✨