• Role and elements:
    Fire attacker with damage boosts and torture

  • Relics:
    Sword - armor

  • Condition to obtain:
    Quest day

*Book :
Underworld - Winged - Legion of Good - Spirit

  • Skills:

-basic :

● [Power of Flames] = Deal heavy fire damage to an enemy, apply ignition to an enemy
(Stamina: 40 - Cooldown: 0)

● [To do good] = Applies damage boost to itself
(Stamina: 22 - Cooldown: 0)

  • step 1:

● [Vengeance] = deals moderate fire damage to all enemies, applies burns to all enemies
(Stamina: 45 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Heirloom Sword] = Deal heavy metal damage to an enemy, apply double damage to itself
(Stamina: 59 - Cooldown: 2)

  • step 2:

● [Slice the Evil] = Applies burn and ignition to all enemies (Stamina: 61 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Flaming Ray] = Apply triple damage and stun to itself
(Stamina: 0 - Cooldown: 4)

-Step 3:

● [Metallic Beam] = deal heavy metal damage to all enemies, apply bleeds to all enemies
(Stamina: 60 - recharge: 3)

● [You are going to be burned] = apply fire weakness and burn to all enemies, apply ignition to an enemy
(Stamina: 69 - Cooldown: 3)


● [Ancient Hell King] = removes all negative status effects and applies double damage to itself, give 2 extra turns to itself

  • Trait:
    -Rank 0: Hardened
    -Rank 1: Tough (- hardened)
    -Rank 3: + SC = precision

  • Description:
    In the world of hell, an ancient king named Oblad was a respectful demon among angels, he leads the legions of evil into hell, and without disturbing the angels, Barbatos the king of hell now, is not like him, he disturbs the angels and spoils the balance between evil and good, it is he who killed Oblad to become the king of hell. Oblad was also the father of Ignis, the blacksmith who works for Barbatos. Nobody knows that Barbatos killed the old king, until now, when Ignis took the stardust, he communicated with Oblad, but he understands nothing and asks too many questions, until Oblad has said {don't worry, the old king will return!} Because of stardust, Oblad has been resurrected and remember everything that happened, he only has one thing on his head: get revenge, he took the sword of inheritance to end the nightmares of hell.

Oblad is a fire attacker with damage boost and torture, he applies different tortures to his enemies, (bleeding, ignition, and burn) or self-improve with different damage boost, his have a evolving trait: at rank 0: he is hardened, at rank 1: replaces hardened by tough, and at rank 3: he obtains a status casters allowing his accuracy to be increased by 50% at the start of combat.