Many thanks for you for liking my some monster skill ideas, I finished all the Moveset Ideas Season 1 monsters, that doesn't mean I'm going to leave, but the next season will start tomorrow.

Here are all of the Moveset Ideas Season 1 monsters, their requirements for obtaining it, their roles, and their elements:

  • Hindaro {Magic Control}: Golden Legend Pass
  • Teebrot {Dark Attacker}: Free Legend Pass
  • Seinkal {Nature Control and Support}: Legend Pass Pack
  • A-Kitus {Metal Support}: Lab-Antivirus Marathon
  • Oblad {Fire Attacker}: Quest Day
  • Jomkal {Nature Support}: Natural Protective Labyrinth
  • Zel {Attacker and Metal Support}: Zel tales
  • Prinko {thunder Tank}: Fraternity Breed event
  • Predex {earth Attacker}: earth Predator Maze

Here are all the effects and trait of Season 1 of Moveset ideas, the role, and the first monster to have it:

  • Reverse Torture: Each torture effect restores 3% health instead of taking damage {Zel}

To see all the information, [Skills - trait - Book ..... (No drawings)], feel free to see my profile and see my ideas.

Soon : )