Hello there, Monster Masters! 👋

Our latest version (10.0.3) has been released and you’ll all receive it shortly. Remember it can take a while to arrive, but it’s on its way. Wanna know all the goodies it contains?

New feature

  • New filter on our Monstagram: Now you can choose from Legendary and Mythic families. Everyone’s in their right place!


  • Players who have cleaned all the required obstacles will be able to claim their achievement's reward.
  • (SOON) Players will only be allowed to have 1 copy of a specific Forsaken monster in the attack team and another one in the defense team (PvP and Team Wars).
  • When playing in Maze Islands with 2 or more paths, the order of monster’s boxes was constantly changing when moving one. Now it will remain as you see it from the start.
  • There was a bug and some players could repair the Team Zeppelin even before they were on Level 16. Now it’s not possible.
  • We fixed the incorrect time on the gifting rewards screen when there are no Facebook friends available.
  • We fixed the issues with Daily Missions not being unlocked after reaching Level 15 for some players.
  • We updated egg chest timers to only display two components.
  • In some cases, the Damage Preview showed incorrect information when using Evasion.

And we also have a new icon, the egg of one of the monsters we’re presenting tomorrow. Can you guess which one? 😏 👼