Thank you again for still liking the ideas of Moveset Ideas season 2, entry of season 3 of the Moveset Ideas will take place tomorrow

The monsters of Moveset Ideas season 3:
Bea [Nature Support] = Golden Legend Pass
Giroud [Magic Attacker] = Free Legend Pass
Ognar [Magic Control] = Eye of Chaos Marathon
Flanx [Fire Attacker] = Legend Pass Pack
Gorlem [earth Attacker] = Quest Day
Wolfen [thunder Attacker] = Canines spaces Labyrinth
Memzer [Dark Control] = Memzer Tales
Kolanta [Nature Attacker] = fraternity breed
Taigol [Metal Control] = Space Emperor Labyrinth

The new effects and trait:

Percentage damage protection = dodge all percentage damage[Giroud]
Max stamina increased = increases max stamina by 50% [Wolfen]

See you soon for season 3