Summer is beginning to cool off on this side of the planet! How was your August? We hope you had an amazing month! ☀
Now it’s time to make this September one to remember as we head off into the Autumn season together!🍂 🍁
Let’s take a look at the new line up of events and see the adventures we have planned for you this month! 🗓

27 Aug - 7 Sep: Community Fest Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Earthen Dragon

29 Aug - 2 Sep: Community Fest (Maze)
New Dragon: Tierna Connaught Dragon

3 Sep - 6 Sep: Community Fest (Fog)
New Dragon: Astrophile Dragon

7 Sep - 10 Sep: Egyptian Tower
New Dragon: Bastet Goddess Dragon

10 Sep - 21 Sep: Egyptian Maze
New Dragons: Isis Goddess Dragon, Nile God Dragon, CrocoNile Dragon

11 Sep - 16 Sep: Egyptian Puzzle
New Dragon: Osiris God Dragon

16 Sep - 20 Sep: Egyptian Runner
New Dragon: Horus God Dragon

21 Sep - 28 Sep: Ever-Autumnal Forest (Grid)
New Dragons: Forest King Dragon, Forest Servant Dragon♂, Forest Servant Dragon♀

22 Sep - 27 Sep: Ever-Autumnal Puzzle
New Dragon: Forest Queen Dragon

28 Sep - 1 Oct: Mini-Magic Forest (Maze)
New Dragon: Autumn Spirit Dragon

Have a great September, Dragon Masters! ☘