Hello Monster Masters!

As you know, the new Cosmic era has brought in a wide range of changes, and our Multiplayer mode has been remodeled. We always want to change and improve Monster Legends while making it fair and fun for everyone. When we were checking your feedback (it shapes the game!), we saw you have some questions, so let’s take a moment to talk about our Multiplayer mode. Wanna join us?

  1. Is the new Multiplayer mode fair?

This system is solely trophy-based. The more you win, the more trophies you get, as simple as that. That means that the most important factor is your performance against other players. We can always learn and improve so the system will be updated over time.

Of course, the level of your monsters, quality tier, rune levels and your equipped relics matter– but it’s also about your individual skills. It’s possible that two players with equal trophy counts but unequal monster teams are matched, and the player with the ‘lower level’ will be super engaged and, for a lack of a better word, a fierce competitor. From our experience and our data, this system is the best way to take into account your individual skills and your talent, and not only your track record.

  1. Why is it not based on Monster Power?

There are too many variables associated with the definition of monster "power", and we want to rely on the numbers. An additional concern would be the potential to manipulate the matchmaking system by changing to weaker teams. This could make battles very unfair, especially for the newest players.

We have checked our data, and in the overwhelming majority of matches, players are within 50 trophies of each other, so their skills and opportunities are similar. With Monster Power, they would be very different.

  1. Does this system make me lose more?

The average win-ratio for attacks is at 70-80%, depending on league. For defense, it is much lower, at around 20 - 30%. This is also partially due to the nature of the Revenge system. In addition, some players set weaker defense teams due to lack of resources, time or other purposes.

We, the Monster Legends team, play this game ourselves and want it to be entertaining and challenging, but balanced and fair because that’s how games should be. As always, thank you for your feedback, it makes us go the extra mile every single day.

See you in the arena! 😉