• Role and elements:
    Nature support monster with positive effects

  • Relics:
    Banner - essence

  • Condition to obtain:
    Spirit of nature maze

*book :
Spirit - Good legion - Families - Adventurers

  • Skills:

-Basic :

● [Mythic deer] = Deal moderate nature damage to an enemy (Stamina: 10 - Cooldown: 0)

● [Where's my weed?] = Apply a random positive effect to an ally
(Stamina : 0 - Cooldown: 0)

  • Tier 1:

● [Leaf Horn] = heals itself by 20%
(Stamina : 12 - Cooldown: 0)

● [I'm not a tree] = deal moderate damage to all enemies, apply negate healing to all enemies
(Stamina: 17 - Cooldown: 2)

-Tier 2:

● [Eat apricots] = apply 2 random positive effects to itself
(Stamina : 20 - Cooldown: 1)

● [Or maybe the peaches] = restores 25% of health to all allies, give 1 extra turn to itself
(Stamina: 18 - Cooldown: 3)

-Tier 3:

● [Sleep] = removes all negative status effects from all allies, apply 2 random positive status effects to all allies
(Stamina: 22 - Cooldown: 3)

● [Forest Attack] = Deals very heavy special damage to an enemy
(Stamina: 15 - Cooldown: 1)


● [Protect the majestic forest!] = Deal very heavy nature damage to all enemies, remove negative status effects from all allies, apply 3 random positive status effects to all allies

*trait :
-Rank 0: daze Immunity
-Rank 1: + hardened
-Rank 3: + SC = area torture immunity

  • Description:
    Hyperia avenged Darmith and Kaih because not only did they destroy the forest, but also they killed her dear friend, the deer who heals the inhabitants if they are sick or injured, but he is helpless. But thanks to the unknown cosmic creature, the poor deer has been resurrected, and now Deer Natura is a warrior who helps his allies by healing them and making them stronger, he is even pushed back into the forest with his power.

Deer Natura is a support monster, specializing in giving positive effects to his allies, and even healing them. Deer natura have an evolving trait, at rank 0, it is immune to daze, becomes hardened at rank 1, applies immunity to torture to all allies thanks to the status casters at rank 3