Role and elements:
Nature tank with taunt and mountain trait

  • Relics:
    Shield - Shield

*Condition to obtain:
Runic Forest Marathon

*book :
Dragon - spirit - legion of good - adventurers

  • Skills:

-Basic :

● [Where is he?] = Deal heavy nature damage to an enemy, apply daze to an enemy
(Stamina : 0 - Cooldown: 0)

● [Rune] = removes all negative effects from itself
(Stamina : 10 - Cooldown: 1)

-Tier 1:

● [greater than mountain] = deal heavy nature damage to an enemy, apply poison and quicksand to an enemy
(Stamina : 30 - Cooldown: 1)

● [Who wants to challenge me?] = Blocks 50% of damage received
(Stamina : 22 - Cooldown: 1)

-Tier 2:

● [Protects] = applies trait protection to itself, deals moderate nature damage to all enemies
(Stamina: 35 - Cooldown: 2)

● [the indestructible dragon] = removes all negative status effects from itself, blocks 50% of damage received for itself, applies 50% life shield to itself
(stamina : 45 - Cooldown: 2)

-Tier 3:

● [I'm pissed off!] = Apply major damage reduction to all enemies, 50% chance to apply damage reduction to all enemies
(Stamina: 56 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Protect Rune] = applies mega taunt and double healing to itself
(Stamina : 60 - Cooldown: 2)


● [Mystic Golem Dragon's Cry] = deals very heavy earth damage to all enemies, removes all negative status effects from itself, applies mega taunt and 100% life shield to itself
-Rank 0: mountain
-Rank 1: + taunt
-Rank 3: + SC = blind immunity

  • Description:
    The first golem appeared on earth through runic words, explorers discovered the large stardust stone on the golem statue, by reading the runic words that are on the stone, Joro is caught alive and he is now free, he will do you no harm, but especially not to rebel against him

Joro is a nature tank that possesses mega taunt, but to stay alive he uses the 50% damage blocked, and even a 50% life shield, but to still stay alive he reduces the damage of his enemies by 50% , and with luck he can reduce them by up to 75%. Its teait is upgradeable, at rank 0 it has the mountain trait, at rank 1 it gains taunt, and at rank 3 it gains the status casters, Immunity against blind