*Role and elements:
Earth control monster with possession skills

  • Relics:
    Amulet - Mask

*Condition to obtain:
Oris Tales

*book :
Spirit - legion of good - adventurers - families

  • Skills:


● [Ruby Cobra] = Deals low earth damage to an enemy, applies possession to an enemy
(Stamina : 30 - Cooldown: 1)

● [Crystallized Poison] = Deals low nature damage to all enemies, applies poison to all enemies
(Stamina: 45 - Cooldown: 1)

  • Tier 1:

● [Shines in the night] = applies torture immunity and a 33% life shield to itself
(Stamina: 47 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Rare Ruby] = Deals moderate earth damage to an enemy, applies possession and damage boost to an enemy
(Stamina: 50 - Cooldown: 2)

-Tier 2:

● [Geode Animal] = apply 50% life shield to itself, apply possession to all enemies
(Stamina: 63 - Cooldown: 3)

● [Harder to peel rubies] = Deals heavy earth damage to one enemy, applies sunburn to all enemies
(Stamina: 56 - Cooldown: 1)

-Tier 3:

● [Pungent Ruby] = Deals moderate magic damage to one enemy, applies bleeds to one enemy, applies Torture immunity to all allies
(Stamina : 60 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Geode Kingdom] = applies possession and bleeds to an enemy, applies possession immunity to itself
(Stamina : 0 - Cooldown: 2)


● [Ruby Armor] = Removes all negative status effects from itself, applies Torture immunity, Control immunity and 100% life shield to itself

  • trait:
    -Rank 0: hardened
    -Rank 1: + Immune to stun
    -Rank 3: + SC = positive effects protection

  • Description:
    Oris is a ruby ​​cobra, able to turn half the village into ruby, but he's a kind snake, instead every village will get rich thanks to him, and protect them from predators, what a gesture.

Oris is a earth control monster that uses possession to win the battle, but that's not all, he can protect himself with shields and immunities, his trait is upgradeable, at rank 0, he is hardened , at rank 1, he is immune to stun, and at rank 3, he gains a status casters for himself, positive effects protection