Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach… We feel it in the air, summer's out of reach 🎶🌅… But, hey, don’t be sad! Our Back to School event will cheer you up!

This event is full of our Back to School chests, and they’re loaded with goodies for all to enjoy. We can get these chests in different parts of the game and they contain plenty of interesting items. Not only Amber and Stardust are waiting in them, there are also the tokens needed to progress in a unique Timed Challenge we will be running. The clock is ticking!

Where can I get those chests?

The chest will be given in:

  • Daily Goals
  • Survival Dungeon
  • Breeding: Keep an eye on in-game news to see in which breeding events you can get Back To School Chests as a bonus reward!
  • Video free chest
  • Events
    -Tales Challenges
    -Equipment Challenges
    -Vault Keys Challenges
    -Monster Challenges

Back to School Timed Challenge

With 1 Back to School token you’ll be able to find your way in the Timed Challenge to get Stardust. Don’t be late and show everyone what you’re made of!

Pro tip: Make sure you follow us on our social media and keep an eye on our favorite YouTubers Armor Gaming, iMigbo and Monster Gaming because we will be giving away links with chests. But ONLY trust our official channels and collaborators. Don’t open any other links!

Starting date: 18-September-2020