You talk, we listen!

Some players had asked for a way to have more slots to keep the eggs you get when you win a Multiplayer battle, and starting today at 3:00 PM CET, here they are! When the new Tournament starts, the owners of a Golden Legends Pass will see they have an extra slot for their chests. The slot will be open for them for as long as the season lasts, so 28 days if you get it on the first day!

If you don’t own a Golden Legends Pass or if you do, but it’s still not enough with one slot, everyone can purchase one more additional slot for 500 Gems which will last until the end of that Tournament.

These changes are especially interesting for this Tournament since our new Multiplayer monster, Kaguya, is entering the arena to replace TeddieVR. But not only that: starting today at 3:00 PM CET, we will have new rewards and a new balancing in the chests, so make sure you play to get this robotic alien samurai and plenty of other rewards.

Wanna know more about Kaguya?