• Role and elements:
    Nature support monster with heals, immunity, and attacking skills

Essence - Amulet

  • Condition to obtain:
    Golden legend pass

*Delivered :
Adventurers - good legion - families

  • Skills:

-Basic :

● [Bolt Potion] = heals one ally by 50%
(Stamina : 40 - Cooldown: 2)

● [fly killing amanita attack] = deal heavy nature damage to an enemy, apply poison to an enemy
(Stamina : 40 - Cooldown: 0)

  • Tier 1:

● [Ovoid Amanita] = Removes all control effects from all allies
(Stamina : 40 - Cooldown: 1)

● [Gooey Volvary] = Removes all torture effects from all allies
(Stamina : 40 - Cooldown: 1)

  • Tier 2:

● [Daffodil Amanita] = Deal heavy special damage to an enemy, apply cooldowns immunity to all allies
(Stamina : 45 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Caesar Amanita] = Removes all positive status effects from all enemies, applies poison and bleeds to all enemies
(Stamina : 50 - Cooldown: 2)

  • Tier 3: ● [Truffle] = restores 30% health and stamina to all allies, applies control immunity and torture immunity to all allies
    (Stamina : 60 - Cooldown: 3)

● [Shield Lepiote] = Deals very heavy earth damage to an enemy, applies quicksand to an enemy, Applies a 75% life shield to itself
(Stamina : 60 - Cooldown: 3)


● [High Lepiote] = Deal heavy nature damage to all enemies, remove negative status effects from all allies, apply life regeneration and evasion to all allies

  • Trait:
    -Rank 0: immune to torture
    -Rank 1: + Immune to blind
    -Rank 3: + SC = Life regeneration

  • Description:
    Rob likes to search the world for types of mushrooms, he had even found what we don't know, but after he heard the worst news, he forgot about this adventure and went to the mushroom kingdom for that, to finish this tragedy. He knew that his brother Rubellus became a very fierce creature, but he ready to cure him of this disease

Rob is a support monster with heals and immunities, thanks to his role, they will be able to help his allies, but be careful, if he remains the only survivor of his team, he can defend himself with his attacking skills, his trait is immune to torture at rank 0, immune to blind at rank 1, obtains a status casters that get life regeneration at rank 3