*Role and elements:
Light support monster with mirrors and healings skills

Amulet - Essence

*Condition to obtain:
Mironda Quest

*Book :
Female - families - spirit

  • Skills:

-Basic :

● [I am the most beautiful] = deals moderate light damage to an enemy
(Stamina: 22 - Cooldown: 0)

● [With my mirror] = deals low light damage to all enemies
(Stamina: 22 - Cooldown: 0)

-Tier 1:

● [You're Ugly] = deal moderate special damage to all enemies
(Stamina : 30 - Cooldown: 1)

● [Make up my face] = removes all control effects from itself, applies skill mirror to itself
(Stamina : 34 - Cooldown: 2)

-Tier 2:

● [He messed up my face!] = Removes all torture effects from itself, deals moderate light damage to an enemy, applies damage mirror to itself
(Stamina : 40 - Cooldown: 2)

● [Put on my mascara] = Applies skill mirror to itself during 2 turns, give 1 extra turn to itself
(Stamina: 45 - Cooldown: 3)

-Tier 3:

● [I'm not selfish] = heals all allies by 50%, apply skill mirror to all allies
(Stamina : 60 - Cooldown: 3)

● [Pink Robe] = Removes all torture effects to itself, heals itself by 50%, Applies life regeneration to itself
(Stamina: 58 - Cooldown: 3)


● [Mirror, my beautiful mirror] = Deals heavy light damage to all enemies, removes all positive status effects from all enemies, heals itself by 100%, Applies skill mirror to itself

-Rank 0: Immune to blind
-Rank 1: + Immune to possession
-Rank 3: + SC = skill mirror

  • Description:
    Vanitus looked at his mirror everyday, to see his beauty, Invidia still hates him, and prepared a very terrible thing, he threw acid on Vanitus face, and his beauty was gone, but when the dust of star appeared, Vanitus ran to the portal to regain his beauty, but too late, Vanitus always brings his mirror with him, and the stardust changed Vanitus' personality and the mirror, the mirror turned into a very selfish female monster, and loves no one except her, while Vanitus hasn't turned into a mirror, but his personality has changed a lot, he's more selfish, and he doesn't care about her beauty, he has become a kind monster

Mironda is a light support monster with healings and skill mirrors for her, to prevent her skills from being selfish, she can heal her allies by 50% and give them skill mirrors. Her trait is immune to blind at rank 0, immune to possession at rank 1, and at rank 3, she gets a status casters, skill mirror