This update is All About War, Dimensions and War!
I dedicate this update to my favourite element!

First of all, there are new dragons: The Persian Prince Dragon(War/Electric/Earth),The Cannon War Dragon(War/Metal/Flame), The Double War Dragon(War/War, duh),The Tzar Dragon(War/Ice/Metal),The Missile Launcher Dragon(War/Flame/Electric),The Minigun Dragon(Metal/War/Electric), The Vhallala King Thor Dragon(War/Electric/Pure/Legend), The Undead Skeleton Warrior Dragon(War/Corrupted/Dark/Legend),The Cursed Flame Warrior Dragon(Flame/Dark/Corrupted/Legend) and The Final Dragon(All the elements)

You may ask "how the heck do You get the final dragon?" Well, its not that simple.
Youll have to be At Lv. 100,and Boom, youll get this Heroic dragon with Allot Of Elements, He Is absolutely invincible, Or is he?

Well.... You Can't use him in online modes,Nor in events.
This guy can only be used to challenge your friends or In championships, Thats it, He is Too strong to be, Well, usable online.

Some New Buildings will be The War Crystal,Hyper Breeding Tree, Hyper Incubator,Interdimensional portal,Skin Creator, Hyper Farm,Space Habitat,Spectre Habitat,Peace Habitat,Fear Habitat,Death Habitat and Ultimate habitat

You may Also ask:Interdimensional things? what Do you mean with that?

Well....In the lava Island, they will add a new Gigantic Portal, Only usable from Lv.40!
It will give you the ability to open a dimensional rift to a new island: Dragon City From an dimension in wich it got basically killed by us humans and we almost killed all the dragons, So those dragons became hostile with everyone, not just Humans.
After you Open the rift, One of those will attack, to get his egg, youll have To fight him to death, then youll get him.
After that, you can Find a new dragon By going thought the Other dimension in a championship Manor, fighting them, this Time without a timer.

The New dragons are: Space dragon(Space),Spectre dragon(Spectre),Peace Dragon(Peace),Fear Dragon(Fear)and Death Dragon(Death).

New moves are Sword Of Justice(880), Bilanced attack(1500), Barrage(300/×3) and War Union(5000) for War(Duh), Fear(500), Terror of The Night(880),Obscure forces(Makes the enemy lose a turn, can be used only one time per 7 turns) and Scary Day(3000) for fear, Space radiations(880+100×Turn),Meteors(1500) and Lunar Power(880) for space, Peace Purity(Cures the dragon 1000), Peace power(880) and Flower Fury(1000) for peace, Spectre Invisibility(Lets you get a hit without damage,Cant be used for 5 Turns), Spectre Punch(880) and Spectre ray(1500) for Spectre and Death Obscurity(3000), An Eye For An Eye(Kills both of the dragons, Thats it) and Death Power(880) for death

The New events will Be the Interdimensional war:A gauntlet mode In wich yiu fight with dragons from the other dimension to save our own dimension before they destroy it!
you can get Allot of rewards, like 5 New free dragons:The Grim Reaper Dragon(Death/Dark), The Space Virus Dragon(Space/Corruption),The Hippy dragon(Peace/Happy), The Fear Horror Dragon(Fear/Spectre) And the Mystical Spectre dragon (Legend/Spectre/Corruption/Soul)

The second new event is The Winter's arriving: A Mr.Beast Type of event but without, Well, Mr. Beast.
You can get 5 New (4+1 old, i guess) Dragons are:Double ice dragon (Ice/Ice, duh) comes back, Fragile Soul dragon(Ice/Soul), Winter cold Dragon(Nature/Ice),Purple Flame Dragon(Flame/ice/dark) and King Of snow Dragon(Legend/ice/War/pure)

The Last one is the Honor Of Warriors:An Archeology type of minigame,youll find Fossils and youll have to clean them really good to get the rewards.

You can get 5 dragons:Bone Warriorsaur Dragon(Primal/war/ancient), King Arthur dragon(War/Metal/Ancient),Medieval Nature Dragon(Nature/Metal/war/ancient), The Viking Dragon(Earth/Metal/Ice/Ancient) and The Highlander dragon(Legend/War/Ancient/Primal)

What Do You Think of my idea?

Also, English isnt my main language, so if i did some errors,tell me that