When I was looking in the dragon book I was thinking that the zodiac dragons need to be in a collection but like the Fae and Virago and so on I thought that a heroic should also be in this collection this is a even better idea because there might be a 13th zodiac and that could be the heroic dragon which would be the high Constellation dragon. So here is my idea.

Possible Elements: Purity, Earth, Legend and Light

Trained Moves: Purge+, Asteroid+, Legend Spell and Out of Time
If anyone could also suggest beginning moves that would be good🙂
Beginning Moves: Pure Energy, Meteor Shower, Rainbow and Light Star.

Source: Limited Time and breeding Island

There started off with 12 zodiacs, Suddenly something happened a 13th zodiac appeared. Dragons thought that this was the end of the world others thought it meant chaos was coming, But then she landed in dragon city looking for the zodiacs but she could not find them.

Special Move: Zodiac Leader (legend). Power: 2335. For this heroic I didn't know if it would have a special move or not. So I just put both up.