Since i want to make an event idea with, well, youtubers from all the World.

So, im asking your help to say about some youtubers from your country, Explaining why you Want him

This are the ones from Italy that i would like to see:

Favij:litteraly our PewDiePie, Thats why he should be here(legend/war/nature/primal)

Lyon:The second most popular italian youtuber, while i despaise him, he is really popular so that why he is here(War/flame/metal)

Gabby:He is techinically from Germany, but he makes italian videos so i classify him has an italian youtuber(War/Ice/Metal)

The mates:In reality, A group of youtubers,But i decided to Unite them into a 5 headed dragon, dope, right? (Soul/flame/War)

Fraws:He is actually a pervert,But he is a legend on YouTube Italia, And also one of my favourite(Legend/War/Metal/Ancient)

Honorable mentions(i couldnt add them for various reasons)

Yotobi:Couldnt add him because he doesnt Accept Sponsors(Legend)

Zeb89:another legend, Unfortunately he now makes basically only streams on Twitch, and he is also very controversal(Cough Cough ULTIMATE ARENA Cough Cough) (legend/War/Metal/Chaos)

Me contro Te:The most hated youtubers from Italy, Didnt add them because they are too childish, i hate them too(Beauty/Ancient/Chaos)

ConcasHD:He doesnt exist anymore on YouTube 😞 i miss him(Legend/Chaos/Ancient/happy)

Pisk:Same thing, Just he isnt active anymore (Legend)


Nonnonigu:Same thing as the Last Two, He is not active anymore(legend/Happy/beauty/magic)