Hei, It me again "Muzaka Artiares".
Haha kidding, I don't know if anyone knows me or not, yes I don't really care, so in today's post, I just want to get my imagination out, So my ideas is the "new dragon". So I hope you read to the end;p

Rarity : Legendary / Heroic
Name : Legendary Phantasmn Dragon
Alternative Name : Phantasmn Dragon
Element : Dream, Legend, War, Chaos
Skill : Punch, Poisonous Dream, Paralyzing Spell, Iron Shock,

Skill Basic Damage
Punch : 638
Poisonous Dream : 1050
Paralyzing Spell : 650
Iron Shock : 1200

Rarity : Very Rare / Epic / Legendary / Heroic
Name : King Garaga Dragon
Alternative Name : Garaga Dragon
Element : Primal, War, Dark
Skill : Hard charge, Fate Crunch, Giant Mouth, The Grim Reaper

Skill basic Damage
Hard Charge : 488
Fate Crunch : 1600
Giant Mouth : 975
The Grim Reaper : 1200

Here are two ideas from my wild imagination, haha. Sorry that the design doesn't exist, because I can't draw;p
Ah, I almost forgot, I don't know if the skill name can be changed or not so I use the existing one, haha.

Hopefully my idea is useful or helpful, Thank you.