El Colosal has always been a fan-favorite and, since we ourselves are super big fans of Monster Legends, we love it as much as you do. As you know, for the last few months we’ve been going through all the elements of the game and, month after month, we saw your dedication and passion to find the combos for your beloved creatures.

Don’t think we haven’t noticed some of them were more popular than others. That gave us the idea for this special event: this is the perfect opportunity to bring your favorites back for an All-Stars Edition of this breeding event! This is an incredible opportunity to get those elusive monsters that maybe you couldn’t get in the first round. They’re coming back to close this cycle of elements… Mix-and-match style!

In this event, you'll have the chance of breeding the very best Legendary, VIP, Nemesis, and Elite monsters of every element! You’re for sure wondering ‘But how can I know the parents I need for this breeding?’. We’re glad you asked.

As per usual, the breeding combinations are top secret, but here's a tip: only mix Legendary monsters! Sometimes, you may find the right combination but not the right result. If you breed two Legendary monsters and get a Common one as a result, you're very close! It will mean that with that combination you have a 50% chance of obtaining some El Colosal All-Stars Top monster. So make sure you check our official community channels (Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Instagram) to share your combos and benefit from everyone else’s discoveries.

Finally, remember that all the monsters you'll need in the breeding combinations will be available at one point or another in the Monsters Week.

As always, this El Colosal will only last for 24 hours starting on Thursday 15-October at 12:00 PM CEST until 16-October 11:59 AM.

EDIT: To make things easier, we’ve changed it a little bit. If you try any combo and it gives you a Mudflow… You’re using the right parents, but the breeding was unsuccessful. Try again, and share the combo with your peers!

In addition, to speed up the process, we have lowered the breeding and hatching time for Mudflow!

Please, restart your game to see these changes!

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the comments below!