Are you tired of having a bunch of team members who never hit in wars? Can't you stand not getting the cells you request donated to you? Do you just want to be in a club with a cool name? If that's you, come join Dancing Gorilla Squad!

Dancing Gorilla Squad strives to get active members in the team to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. The way we do this is by following this set of rules: you must hit in your first war, and a minimum of five team war hits a week is required. If you don't follow these rules, you're kicked. If you're gonna be gone and can't play the game, tell us and we won't kick you. Other than that, this club doesn't have any rules. No minimum monster power and no monster level requirement. Legendary monsters are nice, but not necessary. Anyone can join!

In conclusion, Dancing Gorilla Squad is a great club to join, whether you're new to the game, or are an experienced player. If you're interested and an active player, look up "Dancing Gorilla Squad" in the Team Zeppelin and apply today!