In my personal opinion i enjoy a lot this new path with Cosmic Mithics 🙂 Is a great ideea to Upgrade the old legendaries into new form Cosmic Mithic monsters 🙂 I hope this thing to continue 🙂
This maze for example with Cosmic version of Ahram(hope i writed good the name) was very nice 🙂

And about this,here is my ideeas for some future possible new Cosmic Mithics :

Part 1 --- The VIP section 🙂

1.Scarr the Outcast(Magic Legendary VIP) -----> Scyrrout(Dark Cosmic Mithic)
2.Hydrok the Forgotten(VIP Legendary Water) -----> Fyrtogall(Metal Cosmic Mithic)
3.Valgar the Pure(Light VIP Legendary) ------> Palverinn(Nature Cosmic Mithic)
4.Zyla the Faithful(Thunder VIP Legendary) --------> Hyfaeda(Water Cosmic Mithic)
5.Osur the Brave(Nature VIP Legendary) -----> Rasuvius(Earth Cosmic Mithic)

  1. Hiroim the Tenacious(Earth VIP Legendary) ------> Samoryhet(Magic Cosmic Mithic)
  2. Nox the Condemned(Dark VIP Legendary) ------> Erdaxicon(Fire Cosmic Mithic)
  3. Uther the Valiant(Metal VIP Legendary) -------> Tuhlivar(Light Cosmic Mithic)

Im not good about draw or design so i not tried to draw some "possible final results" but i come here with some good ideeas(my personal opinion) for future new monsters in this great game 🙂