The first idea I have is monster egg or monster trading. You can only trade with people in your team. There would be a system where you can put a monster for trade and request a monster you want or something like that. The runes could be unequipped if the monster you have already has runes.
The second idea I have is new legendary monsters. There aren't any fire, earth, magic, and metal dodge area monsters with permanent traits. Because Noahrian was created and released, that could mean that it's possible for legendary monsters to come back. Having a mythic or cosmic mythic monster with the dodge area trait would be overpowered unless it was done right.
The third idea I have is to decrease the amount of time it takes to craft eggs from monster cells. It takes 2 days and 2 hours to craft legendary monsters and probably mythic monsters. It already takes at least 2 days to hatch a legendary and mythic. It would be better if it took at least a day to craft legendary and mythic.
The fourth idea I have is to permanently unlock the extracting, ranking, and crafting pod. Make it at least 100 gems to unlock so players would work for it. Renting them is annoying and people are already spending money on gem packs, gold packs, food packs, the golden legends pass, exclusive cosmic mythic monsters, etc.