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Hi guys, today i wanted to do a comparison battle between two strong attackers. I mainly decided to do it because some people under/overrate one of those monsters, and also for a bit of fun. All monsters have their own advantages and disadvantages, none are perfect, but we will just see who would outweigh their flaws easier.

On the right side, we have the season 3 Golden Pass monster Undead Mr. Beast, which is a pretty great attacker. On the other side we have the rare attacker from the Drakan Armada Marathon: Iguanazaur! Now we shall see who has better performance.

We will start with stats, Undead Mr. Beast has a measly 7568 power and a 5632 speed stat, which is pretty low if we go by attacker standards, while Iguanazaur boasts the highest power stat in the game being 7953, which is almost 400 points higher than him (385, to be exact). He also has a speed stat of 5720 which is considered low, but he's still faster, they are both tied tanky life stat of 74797. Overall, Iguanazaur wins in the stats department, so that's 1 point for him.

Iguanazaur: 1
Undead Mr. Beast: 0

For this round, we're gonna talk about their traits. Undead Mr. Beast has the dreaded Control Immunity topped with Sudden Death Immunity and Life Regeneration for the Status Caster, which is really great. For my man Iguanazaur, he has Hardened alongside Stun Immunity and Status Caster: True Vision. That's nice, but it's painfully obvious that Undead Mr. Beast wins this round.

Iguanazaur: 1
Undead Mr. Beast: 1

Now it's time to compare their movepool! Iguanazaur is well known for his high Area damage output and elemental weaknesses, not only that, but he has 3 completely spammable skills: one deals 35 damage to a single target and drowns them, the other does only 25 damage and applies Shock, and the last one deals a cruddy 20 damage and has a 50% chance of freezing an enemy. If you still remember, he has True Vision for the Status Caster, making the freeze land 100% instead of 50%. Iguanazaur also has two area attacks, one deals 35 Thunder damage to all enemies and shocks them on a low 18 stamina cost and 1 turn cooldown, his other area skill deals 45 Water damage to all foes and inflicts Drowned and Water Weakness, which is ridiculously powerful. It has a high cooldown but a decently low stamina cost. His strongest single target attack is okay, dealing 60 damage and applying Thunder Weakness to all enemies on a 3 turn cooldown and 41 stamina cost. It's whatever, he has a self-buffing skill, but it's pretty bad and we won't need to go over it. That's it for Iguanazaut's skillset, now it's Undead Mr. Beast time to shine! He has a very strong single target attack that deals 70 damage and inflicts curse, and it has a reasonable 2 turn cooldown, it's pretty powerful, he also has a good damaging area attack that does 40 damage and applies curse aswell. Undead Mr. Beast also possesses a 45 single target damage skill with no stamina and cooldown, making him near impossible to deny due to his Control Immunity trait, he even utilizes 2 extra turn skills that apply useful effects such as Life Regeneration and a random Hater. Undead Mr. Beast has a better skillset overall, not as much negative effects but more damage and a bit of sustaining.

Iguanazaur: 1
Undead Mr. Beast: 2

For the relic slots, Undead Mr. Beast has got some sustaining in Banner/Essence, so he can recover stamina with banners, and also get a 2nd life with Uriel's Essence. Iguanazaur has Sword/Armor, sword is always sweet, but armor on attackers suck, they don't benefit from it. So Undead Mr. Beast has 2 points more than Iguanazaur!

Iguanazaur: 1
Undead Mr. Beast: 3

Undead Mr. Beast has more advantages than Iguanazaur, now we will see who performs better in the meta.

On paper, Iguanazaur seems like an insane monster that can crack kill MegaTaunt tanks easily with his powerful area move, he can even use his elemental weakness skills to buff his moves, but he relies alot on them to deal the most damage, which can get cleansed easily, and he is not too hard to deny. He isn't versatile enough to be able to deal with certain situations, all he can do is deal damage, which he excels at. Supports and tanks can clear the way for him, but even then, he'll get denied unless you have a very specific team to counter the enemy.

Undead Mr. Beast:
He can use his Random Hater move then follow up with an area skill, if he gets the right one, then the MegaTaunt monster will die for sure. Although Shelly, the best monster in the game, is faster so he can set up a 100% Damage Mirror so his attack can backfire. What makes him really great in the meta is his resistance to denial, he's immune to all denials in the game. The issue is that his bad power hinders his damage output, and those many Tabora's running around can nullify his trait, but with a proper team such as a support and a tank alongside him, he will be a real killer.

So, it appears that the winner is Undead Mr. Beast! You may have better stats, but that doesn't always mean you're the better monster.

More comparison battles? Put that in comments bellow.

See you next time!