Draghar was killed suddenly by the Cosmic Portal's what appeared over the skies of the Monster Legends Universe, when Zeiguard found Draghar dead, Zeiguard couldn't accept that. So he took some STAR DUST and with the help of Necrolight they revived Draghar and transformed him into: Draghuard.
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Draghuard is a Light Attacker with great skills. He can Disable the enemies Trait, apply Death Countdowns and apply Evasion to one single ally. Draghuard can also apply MegaStun. He can apply Sunburn to his enemies. Draghuard has an evolving trait: at rank 0, he has Immunity to Sudden-Death, at rank 1, he gains Bleed Immunity, and at rank 3, he casts Doubled Stamina Pool to his allies at the start of every battle.