Cloud was always making big mistakes what ended with him losing a life. Cloud had only 2 left, and he was scared so he stole Stardust from his owner, mixed it in with his food. "Yum!...Time to be... reborn!" Cloud said after he ate his food. But, nothing happened, leaving nothing but silence, but then, out of nowhere, he trasnforms into a much stronger Cloud: Cloudsmic, back up to 9 lives.

0_1603716167402_6. Cloudsmic.PNG

Cloudsmic is a Fire Support monster with Supportive skills, with Shield and Extra Turn Skills. Cloudsmic can apply Sunburn to his enemies. He can Turn Transfer to himself with increased Precision and Damage, and remove positive status effects and gain an instant Extra Turn. Cloudsmic has an evolving trait: at rank 0, he has Burn and Ignite Immunity, at rank 1, he gains Anticipation, and at rank 3, he becomes Immune to Shock.