Billions of years ago, the universes were created, with it was multiple earths, or, as called: Realities. God was born at this moment.

Darkzgul appeared, he has the power to Teleport and open Portals.

"What? Where am I?" — Asked Darkzgul, but no-one replies.

But out of nowhere, a bright light shines, but it quickly goes away, and here appears God.

"You're at the dawn of time! Find these plants for me. So we can begin." — God replies, demanding Darkzgul's help.

Without a breath, Darkzgul teleports away, back to his time... That is: 2020.

Now in present time, Arch Knight floats past un-touched terrain, as he travels through the terrain, he sees a portal, a black and purple portal, a unknown monster comes through, Arch Knight cerious goes towards the monster...

"Who are you? Are you lost?" — Asks Arch Knight.
"No, I am back, back to the present." — Darkzgul replies, in relief.
"Where were you?" — Asks Arch Knight.
"The dawn of time. I was taken there by a being I may not talk about. Or, he will make us both vanish or worse. Now, I need you to help me on this mission." — Darkzgul suggests.
"And that is? And you also need to tell me who this is you are talking about or I won't help you!" — Arch Knight questions.
"God. He is here, or at the Dawn of the time. We need to get enough Power to end him, or - Slow him Down." — Darkzgul replies.

Without doubt, Arch Knight and Darkzgul leaves for Arch Knight's secret Bunker, but as they travel they encounter God himself... He is angry.

"You... You betrayed me. I thought we had a deal." — God yells in anger at Darkzgul.
"Well... I don't respect false Gods, you aren't anyone." — Darkzgul replies.

God at that moment uncovers himself as: Wyrmlad. He's god. No staff though.
With a snap of his fingers, brings in his staff.

"You never should've said that... You both will die for knowing my existence." — Wyrmlad yells.

God snaps his fingers again, making Arch Knight Vanish.

"Now, do what I say or you're next" — Wyrmlad says. Angered.

Darkzgul is left, alone, he's lost, he didn't know Arch Knight but he feels like it's his fault he vanished. He should've never involved him.

With resilience, Darkzgul continues. 30 Minutes later, he encounters: LazarBeam... Who stands there holding a Sword. Also, his gang — Frazerot and Thundeer.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" — Asks LazarBeam.

The End of Chapter One.