What are your plans for November, Dragon Masters? Not got much on? Well, don’t fret, we have a full calendar of events and new islands to explore!

So stick with us and get ready for another autumn full of adventures! 🍂

28 Oct - 2 Nov: No Sleep Puzzle
New Dragon: No Sleep Dragon

29 Oct - 2 Nov: Possessed Grid
New Dragon: Possessed Dragon

2 Nov - 5 Nov: Patchwork Maze
New Dragon: Patchwork Dragon

5 Nov - 16 Nov: Deep Space Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Nebula Dragon

7 Nov - 10 Nov: Galactic Mission (Fog)
New Dragon: Milky Way Dragon

11 Nov - 15 Nov: Lunar Mission (Maze)
New Dragon: Black Hole Dragon

16 Nov - 19 Nov: Freeze Flare Tower
New Dragon: Freeze Flare Dragon

19 Nov - 30 Nov: Black Magic Maze
New Dragons: Alchemist Dragon, Coven Dragon, Diablo Dragon

21 Nov - 26 Nov: Black Magic Puzzle
New Dragon: Elixir Dragon

26 Nov - 30 Nov: Black Magic Runner
New Dragon: Divination Dragon

Have fun and keep warm! 🧣 🔥