A dark attacker with few control capabilities, high damage and torture skills.

There are few spirits that can take over and preserve a body for so long. Verdugo is one of those few. His host, Mark Lukash, is now centuries old, but he was forced to embrace the spirit and his capabilities. Verdugo often lets Mark free to do what he needs, as long as it was where Verdugo wants to be. He explores the universe while the cosmic portals are still open, and will hurt, if not kill, anyone he deems hostile, while Mark can only sit back and watch. But he must now face facts: they are one, and one for eternity.


Look, a portal! - Deal moderate dark damage to a single enemy. Apply nightmares to one enemy. No cooldown or stamina.

I like this body. - Apply double damage to himself. Apply Vulnerability to himself. Requires cooldown.

Like my face? - Deal heavy damage to one enemy. 50% chance of applying blind, daze and sunburn to one enemy. Requires cooldown.

Look away! - Deal very heavy dark damage to one enemy, and then moderate damage to the rest. Requires cooldown.

I can frighten you! - Remove 99% of total life from one enemy. Apply Evasion to one enemy. Requires cooldown.

Do you like me? - Deal moderate damage to all enemies. 30% chance of applying possession to one enemy.

Don't count the days. - Deal moderate damage to one enemy. Activate cooldowns on all control moves of one enemy (This includes possession, corruption, freeze, stun, and baby reversion). Requires cooldown.

We are very old. - Apply damage boost to himself. Requires no cooldown or stamina.

Special - We Are One. - Deal massive damage to one enemy. Remove all positive effects from all enemies. Apply curse, nightmares and blind to all enemies.


Rank 0 - Immune to cooldown activations.
Rank 1 - Immune to blind.
Rank 3 - Hardened.