There is a combo offer of 20 orbs of a specific heroic dragon for 200 gems or 60 orbs from 3 different heroic dragons for 500 gems. Could we get a similar combo choice offer for titan dragons or some of the rarer/seasonal/vampiric dragons please?

Also, could there be clearer cost per number of orbs per rarity levels in the orbs shop? Example: 1 legendary dragon will cost 50 gems for 5 orbs (same cost as for heroic orbs...) and then another legendary dragon will cost 40 gems for 10 orbs, etc.

What about offers from time to time of orbs or even dragons from the Ancient variety or the specific dragons needed to complete various dragon collections?

P.S. - - Unrelated, I know, but is there a crediting system or sell-back system for redeeming platinum or leftover crystals after evolving all the ancients to the max level?

What about being able to convert leftover event island tokens to food or gold after all the dragons have been unlocked, freed, or found, etc and there's still time before the event/island is over?