You know our Multiplayer mode is one of the pillars of the game, and we want to make it juicier than ever. You’re devoted Monster Masters and we want to reward you. To our most loyal players, those who keep coming for more: your time is now!

What’s new?

New system of sequential opening
Starting on Friday we want to see you even more often. With the new sequential system you can only be opening one Multiplayer Chest at a time, but the timers have been reduced for all tiers and the prizes are juicier than ever. You can manually pick which chest you want to open, so you’ll need to be strategic. Going to sleep? Pick one with a longer timer and by the time you wake up… your rewards will be waiting for you! Claim your prize before you start with the next one and enjoy all the goodies in it!

Also we’ve added a new combination for all the tiers: you’ll get cells of the Multiplayer monster with every chest + variable prizes depending on their tier. You put in the effort, we put in the rewards!

New Mega Mythic Chest
For this new Multiplayer Chest system we wanted to be extra, and what’s more extra than this Chest? We’re happy to introduce our latest Mega Mythic Chest, aka Tier 6 Chest. The best of the best: this egg will only appear in Silver Leagues and above, with a hatching time of 24 hours, but it can also be purchased at our Shop. 200 Cells of the Multiplayer monster are guaranteed inside this chest, plus some other variable rewards. Just like that. BAM, 200 Cells.

First Multiplayer monster for this system: Letalis

For this first Tournament with after changes, we will be having Letalis, a Dark Controller with Death Countdown skills! If you want to know more about this sinister monster, check his bio and stats HERE.