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Dragons are magical creatures, but not all dragons use their powers for good.
Long ago, some of them decided to devote themselves to the art of Black Magic.

Today, there are dark forces looming over Dragon City, so the Black Magic dragons have taken this opportunity to reunite and summon their powerful leader, the High Occult Titan Dragon, the first Heroic Titan in the history of Dragon City...

Find all Black Magic dragons in the following series of events:

19 Nov - 30 Nov: Black Magic Maze
New Dragons: Alchemist Dragon, Coven Dragon, Diablo Dragon

21 Nov - 26 Nov: Black Magic Puzzle
New Dragon: Elixir Dragon

26 Nov - 30 Nov: Black Magic Runner
New Dragon: Divination Dragon

Black Magic dragons are capable of casting powerful Black Magic Spells.
Will you help them cast their Black Magic Spells? Every 20 Black Magic Spells you cast (collect), you will receive an Occult Chest.

Occult Chests have a 10% chance of containing a Heroic, Titan, or Vampire Dragon...or the supreme High Occult Titan Dragon himself!

And this is not the only way to secure yourself the powerful High Occult Titan Dragon. If you cast 600 Black Magic Spells, High Occult Titan Dragon will be yours!

Remember, Black Magic Spells will be placed in all 3 Islands, but also in Quests, Dragon TV, the Daily Calendar, and in all Gems Packs (your fellow Alliance members will also receive Black Magic Spells as a reward for your purchase) during the full duration of the 3 events.

These Black Magic Events are also aligning with Black Friday… Mark your calendars, it’s happening November 27th! So keep an eye on our social media and in-game pop-ups to discover some interesting deals that will be available during Black Friday Week and Black Friday only!

Enjoy! And just this once, allow yourself to give in to the charm of Black Magic! 🔮