Story of the Endless Apocalypse:

After the cosmic portal was closed, the meteor was falling down and it explodes. Even though, so many monsters should be helped and killing others. Pandalf was running around the road, and all monsters should be killed him. Although, he was helped to hold him the Inquisitor. From the other sides, this monsters should stop killing, Pandalf was holding his Inquisitor and he hold the another thing, Overseer Fragments, however, this monsters was stop and will lying all over ther floor. Pandalf was teleported. He was put the altar and he was using the beacon, otherwise the world was overseer and evilized. The Apocalypse has become good and evil.

Apocalypse is the type of generation with Mythic. Also, you can collect mythic dungeons with Inquisitor Cells. Then, there's a new dungeon like Infinite Dungeons but with Apocalypse Monsters:

"Endless Apocalypse Dungeon"

•Only using Apocalypse Monsters
•Only enemies will be Cosmics and Apocalypses
•There's only cells reward will be Free Legend Pass, Golden Legend Pass and Exclusive Paid Legend Pass Cosmic Monsters during the checkpoint.
•Gold, Food, Inquisitor, F2P, P2W and P2P cosmic cells, and gems.
•You can refill life and stamina during the checkpoint.
•No battle points needed.

Only seasons will be 1-100


Hoouk is Water Attacker
Doud is Nature Controller
Akka is Magic Supporter
Mirakalypse is Metal Controller
Tyler1 is Fire Tank
Lou is Light Supporter
Mycelicium is Magic Tank
Tuckles is Nature Controller
Hippy is Dark Supporter (chance to attacker)
Umbra is Dark Control
Ello is Light Attacker


Blouby is Water Tank
Toss is Dark Supporter
Drakk is Nature Attacker
Goody is Thunder Controller
Leviethan is Water Attacker
Shannhar is Magic Support
Mr. Hacker is Metal Controller
Candaba is Nature Controller
Plagg is Dark Supporter
Skully is Fire Attacker
CaptainSparklez is Thunder Attacker

S3 and the others seasons are coming soon.