Untouchables... are looking for 2 high quality players. 5k monster power and over preferably not above 40k. We are fun, constantly joking around in chat and making friends. We are active, with 250-300 coins per war. We have a solid 25 members who are active every day in war and chat. We are adult led, with a couple kids on the team who are mature and respectful. We are fairly relaxed but do have some rules.
-Correct rune setup on war defenders with mainly speed and strength.
-Level 4+ runes on war defenders.
-4/5 attacks every war required, 5/5 strongly preferred. 😄
-Attack within 5 war bases of your own. (For example, if you're ranked #15 in war, only attack #10-#20). Last 6 hours is a free for all.)
-Chat with us and have fun! 🙂

Check us out and apply now! PM me if you have questions...