General Holter was developing a massive machine to take on the universe. As for the final touch, he added Stardust, way too much of it. The robot was brought to life and went by the name Clawitza, and Holter became happier than ever, until the robot disobeyed him and started helping others in the time of need. Holter is now mad and wants to destroy it no matter what. Is he strong enough to defeat a Cosmic machine alone?

Clawitza is a Metal Tank with Shield moves. He can dish out some damage, or protect allies with either Taunt or MegaTaunt. Clawitza has an evolving trait: he has Freeze Immunity at rank 0, he becomes immune to Daze at rank 1, and gains the Status Caster: 50% Damage Mirror at rank 3.

7920 Power
81130 Life
5797 Speed

R0 - Freeze Immunity
R1 - Daze Immunity
R3 - SC: 50% Damage Mirror


Mechanical, Good Legions, Superheroes, Cosmic Era

Obtainable From:
Golden Legends Pass

[Basic Attacks]

Great Will:
Applies a 50% life Shield to itself.
(0 Damage/32 Stamina/0 Cooldown)

Armored Junk:
Deals low Metal damage to all enemies.
(25 Damage/0 Stamina/0 Cooldown)

[Tier 1]

Energy Shield:
Applies a 30% life Shield and Life Regeneration to all allies. Requires cooldown.
(0 Damage/43 Stamina/2 Cooldown)

Rusty Fist:
Deals moderate Metal damage to one enemy. Applies Poison to one enemy. Applies Taunt to itself. Requires cooldown.
(35 Damage/70 Stamina/1 Cooldown)

[Tier 2]

Fully Protected:
Applies a 100% life Shield and Damage Protection to one ally. Removes 50% of total life from itself. Requires cooldown.
(0 Damage/56 Stamina/2 Cooldown)

Magnetic Fortress:
Applies MegaTaunt and Life Regeneration to itself. Requires cooldown.
(0 Damage/67 stamina/2 Cooldown)

[Tier 3]

Power of Goodness:
Deals massive Metal damage to one enemy. Applies Daze to one enemy and to itself. Requires cooldown.
(65 Damage/66 Stamina/1 Cooldown)

Piercing Cannon:
Deals moderate Special damage to all enemies. Applies Daze to all enemies. Requires cooldown.
(40 Damage/79 Stamina/2 Cooldown)

[Special Attack]

Helping the Needy:
Removes all negative status effects from one ally. Applies Triple Damage, True Vision and Evasion to one ally. Gives 1 extra turn to one ally.


  • Absolutely ridiculous stats
  • Nice Shield skills
  • Moderate to low cooldowns
  • Outstanding special
  • Good damage output


  • Bad trait
  • Needs a turn to set up
  • Fully Protected removes 50% of total life from itself
  • Massive stamina costs
  • Somewhat bland movepool
  • Power of Goodness applies Daze to itself