During a stormy night, pirates were fighting each other for treasure. The sounds of cannons, swords clashing and pirates screaming of pain from injuries woke up the huge underwater creature called Walvis. The beast destroyed every ship nearby. Up to this day, no one fought in the sea, not even Varupa pu.

Walvis is a Water Attacker with excellent attacking qualities. He can buff himself with Double Damage and Precision, or deal heavy damage to all enemies. Walvis has an evolving trait: he's an Abomination at rank 0, he gains Tough at rank 1, and finally, at rank 3, he applies Drowned to all enemies at the start of every battle.

7832 Power
82035 Life
5687 Speed

R0 - Abomination
R1 - Tough
R3 - SC: Area Drowned


Sea, Underworld, Cosmic Era

Obtainable From:
Exclusive Legends Pass

[Basic Attacks]

Deals moderate Water damage to one enemy. Applies Drowned to one enemy.
(35 Damage/22 Stamina/0 Cooldown)

Under the Waves:
Deals low Special damage to all enemies.
(25 Damage/22 Stamina/0 Cooldown)

[Tier 1]

Caster of Whirlpools:
Deals low Special damage to all enemies. Applies Stamina Leak to all enemies.
(15 Damage/37 Stamina/0 Cooldown)

Too Tired:
Removes all negative status effects from itself. Applies Life and Stamina Regeneration to itself. Requires cooldown.
(0 Damage/51 Stamina/2 Cooldown)

[Tier 2]

Giant Tail Whip:
Deals massive Water damage to one enemy.
(70 Damage/42 Stamina/0 Cooldown)

Summoner of Cascades:
Applies Double Damage and Precision to itself. Requires cooldown.
(0 Damage/45 Stamina/2 Cooldown)

[Tier 3]

Eternal Waves:
Deals heavy Water damage to all enemies. Requires cooldown.
(50 Damage/68 Stamina/2 Cooldown)

Sea splitter:
Applies Quicksands to all enemies. Deals heavy Special damage to one enemy. Requires cooldown.
(50 Damage/52 Stamina/1 Cooldown)

[Special Attack]
Disturbing Sounds:
Applies MegaFreeze to all enemies. Deals moderate Water damage to all enemies. Applies Evasion to itself.