I was thinking about another heroic and I thought that High Polar Dragon would be a good idea or at least to me it makes sense and there is not very many winter dragons in the game right now and not much winter heroics either. Since there is already events planned for December I thought that this could be the heroic race for January or February so here is my idea for this heroic.

Possible Elements: Ice, Metal, Dark and Purity

Possible Trained Moves: Blizzard+ (2300 damage Ice) Nail Storm (1950 damage Metal) Black Hole (1350 damage Dark) Pure Light+ (2100 damage Pure)

Possible Natural Moves: Snow Storm (1050 damage Ice) Magneto (650 damage Metal) Life Drain (650 damage Dark) Hypnosis (1050 damage Pure)

Source: Limited Time and Tree of Life

Controlling Gravity and the North, he is always usually very grumpy most of the time but dragons say that no dragon has ever come back once they found him. All that they know is that he lives somewhere very cold in the Dragonverse.

Special Move: Maybe
Element: Metal
Skill: (Gravity Reversed) Random move from any element and heals itself a little bit
Damage: 2300